Genting Grand Launch Event


NowMe is the first live e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia prevailing at the Genting International Convention and Exhibition Center, the Grand Launch Night has more than 1,500 guests, 150 Influencers & local celebrities attended the historic night!

In the age of smart technology, electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets have become a tool for young people to spend money and make money at the same time.


Southeast Asia’s first video live broadcast and e-commerce sales platform – NowMe, on March 29, 2019, at the Genting International Conference Center (GICC), held a grand launching night with attendees over thousands of people. In addition to inviting YM Puteri Dato Sri Rosmawini BT Tengku Dato’Muiz to be a guest of honor, the event welcomed 150 Malaysian influencers with beautiful dresses suiting the theme of the night: Fire & Ice, and more than 1,000 people witnessed the born of the first live broadcast e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia – NowMe, the experience was spectacular, including corporate celebrities and media people. The starry night of the cloud!
















NowMe took the lead in building the first (LIVE)-based e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and also successfully became the leader in this field, leading this huge potential market trend. NowMe CEO, Dicky Leong, leading live e-commerce trend, the unlimited potential of the model in the Asian market, prepared and implemented in the shortest time, will officially introduce this new platform, which has never been seen in Southeast Asia, to the market and gain great attention from this field.




A large number of 150 influencers and Malaysian local celebrities dressed up to gather together, the scene is star-studded and the audience celebrated Nowme’s Grand Launch Night with highlighted performances from high popularity of the sibling singing group – Pong Pong and the world-class harmonica champion – Kif Valentine Chen Junkai. The organizers also arranged a series of eye-catching stage performances: Live Band, Dance Performance, Cosplay Show, Catwalk Show, Harley Bike and Sports Car Showcase, etc.




“You are still into PM-ing your orders?” The words of NowMe CEO Dicky Leong shocked the audience. Because NowMe has brought local e-commerce to a new milestone, it is combined with current live broadcast. So no matter who you are, no matter where you are, as long as you have good products and a smartphone or tablet, you can do business more systematically. You don’t have to ask your customer base to PM you anymore!




In order to take the live e-commerce trend to a new level, NowMe also founded the “Live Stream Academy”. Through education and training, we will cultivate more professional streamers and strengthen the live broadcast market! The current Ryan stage of Malaysian Radio and the Malaysian streamer of the live broadcast platform in China, Stephanie Chung joined forces to become the ambassador and chief trainer of the “Live Academy” and work together to cultivate more Malaysian live talents.
“Before the birth of NowMe, e-commerce, micro-business, network red and anchor all have their own operating modes, and they also face different problems and challenges. “Today, I believe that NowMe is a brand new live broadcast. In the business model, you can gather e-commerce, micro-business, infleuncers and streamers on one platform at the same time, and you can also eliminate the difficulties and pain points they face on a daily basis in their businesses. I hope that through the perfect system of NowMe platform, i can help more small and medium-sized businesses, while also providing better online shopping enjoyment to all consumers!” NowMe CEO Dicky Leong shared.

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