Flipnopreneur Summit 2019

As nearly 180 attendees came in support of our event, NowMe is proud to call this event an outstanding success and would like to express utmost gratitude for all the positive vibes and through NowMe, would like to show everyone “A Whole New World” of e-commerce and live streaming

NowMe was honoured to be able to attend the #Flipnopreneurs Summit 2019 hosted on the 20th of June (Thursday) held at Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara.








To further add to the friendly NowMe sales personnel, the #Flipnopreneurs Summit 2019 were also able to get a glimpse of one of our streamers, Pei Jin, who amazingly hosted 2 live streams on the NowMe Facebook and on the NowMe app too! Viewers were able to indirectly experience the lively event through Pei Jin’s interviews of each booth and overall tour of the event.





[Pei Jin hosting and interviewing booths and
introducing their products and services to her


[NowMe Master Marcus Haw accepting his award.]

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